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Motorcycle boots are designed to fit cycle riders with the right shoes for riding. The boots look like typical boot is mostly low heel to control the motorcycle. Those boots are generally made of thick leather to protect the rider's feet. The boots together with typical jackets worn by riders make the riders look like they are wearing cowboy costume. They are different models available depending on the specific riding conditions. The models includ

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Racing Boots

Racing boots which are designed for riding on hard pavement are usually between 10 to 14 inches in height and are made of leather, metal, plastic or composite materials to create a fitting yet comfortable boot to wear. Manufactures of these boots usually go to great length to ensure both safety and comfort of the rider are achieved at the same time. Some manufactures for example make an internal quick lacing system between a soft inner leg and the harder outer shell of the boot shaft to further ensure, a tight, but comfortable fit.

These shoes come with a very low sole, and sole of the heel and foot is typically smooth.

Touring Boots

Their design is similar to racing boot, but less armored because they are meant for street riding not races. The boots coming in the range of between 10 to14 inches in height are made from combination of leather, plastic, metal, and, hard rubber. Like the racing boots their sole is always smooth.

Since there are many varieties of cycle boots how can I choose the one best for me? Quality cycle boots are certainly not very cheap. It is therefore good to do your research on the one that will best suit and serve you, before you leave that gap in your wallet. Quality boots however are a must for all riders though quite often they are just an afterthought of many motorcyclists. Here are a few guidelines to help you make a good choice.


This should be your first and foremost consideration especially when you are a racer. You should buy boots that can cover your ankle in case of a crash. Safety always go with quality therefore buy boots from reputable manufactures only.

Water Resistant

You never know the kind of weather you will be riding in, better be prepared by buying a water resistant boot. All riders are only comfortable when the boots they are wearing are warm and dry. Boost this very important feature by applying water repellent gels.


A motorcycle boot is something you should be proud of, so chose one that is made in a style you like. You can chose from tall bike boots, short boots or even harness boots. Most of those styles are of high quality and offer great comfort to the cyclist.

Motorcycle boots are mandatory for all serious motorcyclists. This is because the boots are designed for safety of the rider and make operating the pedals easy. In addition to that they add to the overall protection from weather the motorcyclist should have.